Minimum postage from Rs 15 to Rs 50 and Rs 100 soon

Due to the ongoing loss to the Department of Post, Sri Lanka, preparations are underway to increase the minimum postal cost from Rs 50 to Rs 100. It was only in August 2022 that they increased the minimum from Rs 15 to Rs 50. With documents ready, Anusha Palpita, Secretary to the Ministry of Mass Media stated that the new minimum price of Rs 100 will come into effect as soon as the approval is given from the Treasury. This would mean that The Inland Post Rules 1934 in paragraph 1 of Rule 12 would substitute the figure rupees 100.00 for the figure rupees 50.00.

It is a blow to the citizens and would most probably affect the philatelists as the minimum price of future stamps would also come at Rs 100 denomination.


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