New Longest stamp set by Philippines

Beating the previous longest stamp issued by Kyrgyz Express Post titled ‘International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development‘ which measured at 184mm, PHLPost (Philippine Postal Corporation) issued a stamp measuring 200mm x 39mm making it the longest stamp issued to date. The stamp was issued on 12th June 2024.

The stamp was issued in celebration of the 2024 Araw ng Kalayaan and the 125th Anniversary of the First Philippine Republic.

Entitled “Philippines: First Republic in Asia”, this remarkable stamp vividly illustrates the Philippines nationhood from the historic proclamation of Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898 to the end of the First Philippine Republic in 1901.

The commemorative stamps features historical vignettes that transpired from

  • the declaration of Philippine Independence in 1898,
  • the arrival of Aguinaldo in Malolos Bulacan,
  • the inauguration of the first Philippine Republic at the Barasoain Church in 1899,
  • the Philippine American War,
  • Aguinaldo’s odyssey in Northern Luzon with women nursing the wounded,
  • Apolinario Mabini in Pangasinan and
  • Aguinaldo’s capture in Isabela but others continued to fight for liberty in 1901.

Inside the stamps are the photos of the Philippine Revolutionary Government Postage Stamps and the Philippine Revolutionary Government Postage and Telegraph Registration Stamps issued during that historic era.

PHLPost immortalized this legacy with a unique stamp underscoring the Philippines as a beacon of liberty, democracy and republicanism in Asia. The stamps continue to be the source of inspiration, courage and patriotism among Filipinos.

The sheetlet strip of three (3) measures 200mm x 35mm which is the first of its kind issued by PHLPost.

PHLPost postage stamp will be available to the public at the Manila Central Post Office compound in Lawton, Manila from June 12, 2024.

Stamp Print quantity = 9000 (sold at P125 each)

Official first day cover envelope (size is 25cm x 19cm) print quantity = 400 pieces

Designed by artist Roderick “Derrick” C. Macutay, the stamps have an iridescent ink (special printing technique) on all figures.


FDC images courtesy of Marc Alba


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