Bauddha Muddara Ithihasaya

Compiled by Janaka Mallimarachchi

Assisted by K.G.A. Jagath Premasiri

Published by Bauddhaloka Padanama

Book published in 2020 chronicling the Buddhist stamps released in Sri Lanka

The book is broken into following topics:

  • Buddhist historical stamps upto Sept 2020 (includes all philatelic items)
  • Stamps released by All Ceylon Buddhist Congress
  • Stamps of Buddhist monks who worked for harmony and revival of Buddhism
  • Stamps of national treasures and archeological value
  • Also includes a chapter for Buddhism themed coins and notes

Language – Sinhala

Size – A4

Paper – Art paper (full color)

Pages – 97

Published – 8th September 2020

Price – Sri Lankan Rupees 1000

You can purchase the book online via this link

Few inside images of the book