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3 years time frame to buy stamps released by Philatelic Bureau

Philatelic Bureau stamp items have a last date of sale of approx. 3 years from date of issue. Is this acceptable?
Yes 3 years is enough time for collectors to buy the items.
Keep for at least 4 years
Keep for at least 5 years
Keep for at least 7 years
Don't have a last date of sale. Keep till its sold out


At the end of every year, Philatelic Bureau has a deadline where items for a certain year (3 years prior) have a last date of sale.

This has become an issue for some collectors who believe that this would give unfair benefit to resellers of stamp items and be unfair to new collectors who have to then spend 3-4 times the face value to collect them.

What do you think?

Our results will be sent along with a registered letter to postmaster general (with copies to Minister of Department of Post) if there is enough demand to extend the number of years. Vote using poll above