The Royal Philatelist – Volume 34


Publication by the Philatelic Club of Royal College to commemorate its 77th Anniversary

34th Volume 2021

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Publication by the Philatelic Club of Royal College to commemorate its 77th Anniversary

34th Volume 2021

It is with immense honour that I pen down this message as the Chairman of The Philatelic Club of Royal College for the “34th Royal Philatelist” published in commemoration of the 77th Anniversary of this great student body founded in 1944.

The Philatelic Club while having a rich history, also has the distinction of been one of the 1st clubs that every young Royalist have the privilege of joining during their formative years at the College. Hence to every Club Member is one of the frst activities we partake in as a student and will eventually end up being the last activity we do as a student of College as well. Throughout this journey, the club strives to teach students an immeasurable number of life lessons from simple things such as stamp collecting to lessons of leadership, unity, and life-long friendships to name a few.

This Club year has been far from “normal”, due to the ongoing pandemic. This resulted in us not been able to have a single physical club meeting throughout the year. But during these trying times the Club has successfully been able to complete a multitude of projects including the 76th Royal Philex which was successfully held “Virtually” for the very frst time in its prodigious history.

As the Chairman, of this prestigious club I am extremely delighted to state that we continued to progress with greater vigour by transforming all our clubs’ projects to online platforms while adjusting to the new normal. Thus, making it a year my fellow club members of all ages would be able to remember for many years to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Principal Mr. M.V.S.Gunathilaka for all of his support towards the club year. Also, I would like to extend my gratitude towards the Senior Master – Clubs & Societies Mr. T. D. C.P. Amaratunga for tirelessly supporting and guiding us throughout the year.

It wouldn’t be beftting, if I do not thank our Teacher in Charge Mrs. Thushari Gunawardena for always supporting the club throughout the years no mater what the circumstances were. I would also like to extend my heart felt appreciation to all our club members ,the Prefects Council of Royal College, Parents and all the other individuals who supported us throughout the year.

Finally, I would like to thank my board members, for their immeasurable support over the course of the club year. None of what we have accomplished this year, would have been possible, without their unstinted co-operation. I am certain that the club is in safe hands for any more years to come.


M.Taqee R. Rasheed
Student Chairman

Source: Philatelic Society website of Royal College


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