First Special Cover by PASL

We as a philatelic society are pleased to announce that we were able to successfully issue the very first Special Cover under the theme ‘World Water Day 2024 – Water for Peace’.

The Special Cover comes with a 12 page bulletin and a folder.

Buy online via this link

Special Covers in this folder for safe keeping of the Special Cover

It is sold by PASL for Rs 500 to non members and Rs 300 for members.

Only a limited quantity has been printed (1000) and there won’t be any reprints so collectors are advised to get one to their collection.

Note – The Special Cover does not come with a stamp. A stamp was sent to be made using the mystamps option of Philatelic Bureau with the QR code. However the Philatelic Bureau declined the requested. Collectors are still able to get a water related stamp (such as the recently released ‘Waterfall’ stamps) and then get it cancelled (in Sinhala, Tamil or English) by PASL to add to personal collection.


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