New Special Cover: St Michael s College 150 Anniversary

A special cover issued for 150th anniversary of St Michael’s college, Batticaloa on 29th September 2023.

Milestone of St. Michael’s College, National School, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
• 1873 – St. Michael’s College was started by Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Philip
(Saverimuthu), a secular priest from the Jaffna mission.
• Mr. T. Abraham was the first principal of St. Michael’s College, he served there
1876 – 1924, for a period 49 longyears.
• Original School was at the present junior school of St. Michael’s College.
• 1893 the new diocese of Trincomalee was created and the mission is entrusted
with the care of the Jesuits.
• Originally the new diocese was under the care Most. Rev. Dr. Van Reeth, S.J.
Bishop of the Diocese of Galle.
• Under the new and the first Bishop, Most. Rev. Dr. Charles Lavinge, S.J.,
purchasing of the land
and the construction work of the new school building started to develop in the
year 1898.
• In 1903, the administration of St. Michael’s College was handed over to Jesuits
(French Jesuit missionaries) from the diocese of
• By the year l9l2 the required land was purchased from different owners close
to the proximity St. Mary’s Church
(the present site).
• The laying of the foundation stone for the present structure took place on July
16,1912, by His Excellency Governor
McCallum who was visiting the province.
• At the colourful function Fr. Ferdinand Bonnel, S.J. the architect and founder of
the present structure read the authentic act
which was to be sealed in the stone (Latin text of dedication).
• In the absence ofBp Lavinge, Rev. Fr. Gaston Robichez (laterthe second Bishop
of the Diocese of
Trincomalee) the then Superior of the mission solemnly blessed the stone.
• May 3,l9l5,the classrooms and hostel of the new college building started
• This was opened by Mr.J. Harward, the then Minister of Public Administration.
• After the first world war, in 1920, Fr. Bonnel, the Rector of the College from the
assistance received
from the family, friends and the Society of Jesus built the rest of the buildings.
• The Lab of Physics and Chemistry were considered one of the best in the island.
• After 1940, the French Jesuit missionaries handed over the administration of
the college to the American Jesuit missionaries.
• Under the American Jesuit missionaries, the college started to grow even more
vigorusly in all spheres like, academic and
extra-curricular activities.
• July 1,1970 college was handed over the government.
• 1973 was the centenary year of the college – grand celebrations were held with
variety of events.
• June 17,1987, St. Mary’s School was amalgamated with St. Michael’s College as
St. Michael’s College Junior School.
• May 11,1994, St. Michael’s College was declared as a National School.
• St. Michael’s College is one of the leading educational institutions in the island.
• It has produced prominent scholars, professionals, surgeons, engineers and
people of various calibre.
• Its name in the sports arena of Basket Ball is unfathomable. It has produced
great numbers of
National players. Late Rev. Fr. John Herbert S. J. was the cornerstone for this
• When it comes to producing Advanced Level results and other academic
distinction, St. Michael’s College is second to none.
• SMC is the only school in the entire Eastem province has produced State Rank 1
in the advanced level examination.
• As it is marching towards 150 years of its existence, wish them to produce even
more achievements and records

Source: Special cover folder.


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