One place to manage your philately collection

A wonderful site dedicated to Sri Lankan philatelists to maintain their Ceylon and Sri Lanka stamp collection. Many features are present including:

Maintain your collection on-line in quick easy steps and make stamp collecting so much easy…..
No need to go through pages and pages of your album or catalog books to find what stamps you are missing. Just get it with a click of a button. And you can take it anywhere too….
Login to and start collecting in a new way.

  • Information about a stamp.
    • Comprehensive details about a stamp in a single view.
    • If the stamp is a part of a Series (Set), you can see the rest of the stamps of that series.
    • Any FDCs or Souvenir sheets or Miniature sheets issued.
    • Similar stamps issued at a different date and different catalog #
    • How many stamps in my collection.
    • Whether there are sellers of this stamp, along with selling price
  • View all items for sale with a click of a button.
    • ‘Market’ shows items put on for sale by all sellers to the system. You can easily filter/search through it just like you do with the catalog.
    • New filter option is given to filter just the items you are missing from you collection.
    • You can easily compare the sale prices of every seller and do your purchase. When more sellers put on their items for sale both buyer/seller benefits.
    • Buying procedure is just like purchases done in FB groups. Money to be deposited to the bank and seller post the items. But these steps are easily managed by the system.
    • Please check it out, and put on items you want to sell on
  • Answer to every collector’s most burning question….in a single click!!
    • For beginners-How many stamps(items) do I have?
    • For experts-How many stamps am I missing? and what are they?
    • Answers to all that in ‘My Collection Summary’ option in
    • Issued period-wise and year-wise summary of total number of items in Catalog, in your Collection and what is missing. And by pressing that number you can go to the relevant picture view.
  • and many more


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