Philatelic bureau to popularise, promote collecting among children

by Francis P. Gunasekara

Source: Article from Daily News published 7th June 2007.

The Philatelic Bureau of the Postal Department is engaged continually in popularising and promoting stamp collecting among schoolchildren.

In the latest bulletin the Bureau has issued all instructions necessary are given so that even non-collectors can now, will be able to try this activity. We have shown here, the front page of the 8-page bulletin which can be freely obtained from the Philatelic Bureau by writing to this address-Philatelic Bureau, Department of Posts, Postal Head Qrs., Colombo 1.

The above-mentioned bulletin gives all the information necessary as to the history of the hobby, how it developed to be a hobby that is universal and how you too can be a good and successful collector.

Moreover it explains what the First Day Covers are, and about Souvenir Sheets of stamps issued very often. The bulletin ends with these three slogans –

1. Starts collecting stamps from today itself.
2. Thereby, gather universal knowledge and
3. Win a world through the wonderful hobby of stamp collecting.

Sea-shells stamps

An interesting set of stamps we have been waiting for sometime now has come out. They are the captivating sea-shells stamps which came out on May 22, 2007. The denominations of the stamps are Rs. 5.00, Rs. 12.00, Rs. 15.00 and Rs. 45.00.

The stamps have been designed by W. Wasantha Perera and let us have a word of praise for his lovely set of sea-shells which will adorn any Sri Lanka collection. These stamps were issued to mark the World Biodiversity Day.

This day focusses our attention on all animal life, plants, microbes and the environment in which they live. Shells have been used by humans over the years as food, jewellery, ornaments and for trade.

The shells featured in the stamps are all found in our country-Rs. 5.00 Textile cone, Rs. 12.00 – Aquatile hairy trition, Rs. 15.00 – Rose branched Murex and Rs. 45.00 – Trapezium horse conch. All these are said to be carnivorous.

New Scout stamp

To commemorate the centenary of the World Scout Movement, the Philatelic Bureau of the Postal Department issued a stamp on May 26, 2007.

The denomination of the stamp is Rs. 5.00 The objectives of the centenary celebrations are to mark the 100 years of the Society, to demonstrate the unity of World Scouting to improve and promote the quality of scouting, to promote peace, to demonstrate the unique value of scouting, to provide enjoyable and beneficial experiences, to demonstrate a commitment to nature and environment and to show concern for all communities. The stamp is shown here. It shows four stages of the scouting life.

Cub scout, Senior scout, Rover scout and Scout leader. Sri Lanka Scout Organization was born in 1912 and at present its islandwide membership is said to be 35,000. Sri Lanka Scout Association will be participating in the Centenary World Jamboree scheduled to be held this year in the United Kingdom.


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