Italian inventor of the radio (wireless telegraphy) Guglielmo Marconi was born 150 years ago on the 25th April 1874. In order to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary 4 philatelic items were released by the Philatelic Bureau on request of Italian embassy in Sri Lanka.

First Day Cover
Miniature Sheet (Souvenir Sheet)
Miniature Sheet First Day Cover

The above items were released on the 29th April 2024 at Sri Lanka Broadcasting Cooperation, Colombo with the presence of Italian ambassador Mr. Damiano Francovigh.

The President of the Marconi Foundation, Dr. Giulia Fortunato delivered a presentation on the figure of the Italian Nobel Prize winner. The ceremony was preceded by the unveiling of a portrait of Marconi placed in the gallery of illustrious personalities from the scientific world located inside the historic building of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.


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