New Issue: Special Cover – Joseph Fraser Hospital

Joseph Fraser which was established in 1923 celebrated its 100th anniversary on 8th September with a special commemorative cover issued by Philatelic Bureau.

The Special cover can be purchased online via the Bureau site via this link (if the stock shows as ‘0’, if you are patient, you can still get the item at face value when they update the stock. If you are in a hurry, you could get from a reseller for a marked up price).


Established in 1923 by Mrs. Chrissie Fraser in honour of her late husband, Mr. Joseph Fraser, the Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital holds a rich history that spans a century. Across the passing decades, the Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital has not only provided healthcare but has also amassed profound gratitude, becoming a living testament to the compassionate commitment that resonates deeply within Ceylon’s vibrant community.

Throughout the years, the hospital has adeptly navigated the evolving landscape of medicine. It has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technologies and nurtured a culture of continuous learning and innovation. This commitment has not only solidified its reputation as a cornerstone of health and wellness but also ensured holistic patient care, with the guidance of skilled medical professionals.

As it embarks on a new century alongside Ninewells Hospital, the newly rebranded ‘Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital’ becomes a representation of resilience and progress. This collaboration symbolizes the enduring impact that quality healthcare institutions can have on individuals and society at large.

With a charming colonial architectural exterior, sprawling lush gardens, an inviting open-air café, and an abundance of natural light, the hospital offers a soothing ambiance to its patients. Placing patients under the professional care of Sri Lanka’s renowned medical experts, the hospital’s dedication is showcased as it celebrates the ‘Joseph Fraser Centenary Anniversary’ in 2023.

Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital continues to thrive, especially in its unmatched care for women and children. From birth through the various stages of life – encompassing gynecological and obstetric consultant services, pediatrics, puberty, menopause, and more – the hospital’s legacy is one of unwavering commitment. Being one of the country’s oldest healthcare institutions, its journey stands as a testament to its enduring dedication to health and well-being.

Source: Special FDC folder


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