New Issue: Special Cover – Sri Siddharatha Central College, Eppawala

Sri Siddharatha Central College in Eppawala which was established in 1873 celebrated its 150th anniversary on 7th September with a special commemorative cover issued by Philatelic Bureau.

About the school:

Established as a government vernacular school in 1873 as the first school in Anuradhapura district.
This school was started by the Village Council of Eppawala as per the instructions of Mr. J. F. Dixon, Assistant Government Agent, Anuradhapura District at that time.

The provision of teachers, payment of teachers’ salaries and maintenance were done by the government.
(Information extracted from the book “Nuwara Kalaviya 1815 – 1900”)

In 1940 students have appeared for the Junior School Certificate Exam.
In 1942 students have appeared for the Senior School Certificate Exam.
On 1948.09.13 the Tamil language section has started. The first teacher was Mr. P. Rasiah.
In 1958 it became a Maha Vidyalaya.
Mr. Suriyagama was first student who was selected for the university.
In 1964 – G. C. E. (O/L) Science section started.
In 1986.06.19 became a Central College.
In 1996.01.16 became a National School.
In 2014, under the Dual school concept, the primary section has segregated as a separate school.


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