Recap: Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition

With the completion of Thailand 2023 World Stamp exhibition, we would like to go 10 years back to the 2013 World Stamp Exhibition held in Thailand from 2nd to 14th August 2013.

For the Thailand 2023 World Stamp exhibition, a number of representatives from Philatelic Bureau were sent to Thailand although a stall at the exhibition was not allocated. We hope that they were able to make connections with other foreign bureaus and companies for the benefit of Sri Lankan philately.

The Sri Lankan Philatelic Bureau (Department of Post) had a stall during the 2013 exhibition (we are not sure whether the resellers/dealers had a stall separately or with the bureau or any at all). We were able to locate some videos from the event for your viewing pleasure. If you have more information about this event, do share with us in a comment or by contacting us.

The much sought after Yala Miniature Sheets (with the Thailand exhibition logo) were introduced during this exhibition.


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