Role of the Postage Stamp in environmental conservation

The Ministry of Environment of the Central Provincial Council organized the PaperEX Eco Friendly Exhibition at Kandy City Center (KCC) on the occasion of “World Environment Day” under the chairmanship of the Central Provincial Governor, Mr. Lalith U Gamage, on June 05, 2024. A program based on eco-stamps was held in conjunction with this exhibition to raise awareness of the community about nature and conservation. Here we had a unique opportunity to once again confirm the effectiveness of the book “පරිසර විසිතුරු මතුකළ මුද්දර – පරිසර සංරක්ෂණහිලා තැපැල් මුද්දරයේ දායකත්වය” (Environmentally themed Postage Stamps – Contribution of Postage Stamps in Environmental Conservation” written in 2008.
Our philatelic history is colored by many eco-themed commemorative stamps, making them ideal visual sources for awareness programs like this. Since creating “self-discipline” about the environment is a basic strategy of conservation, the many enthusiastic responses we received show that the participants were able to understand from the experience that eco-stamps are an effective means of communication to increase community participation in a very creative way.
A special thanks to all those who supported it, including Mr. Chaminda Abeyratne, the Assistant Director of the Ministry of Environment of the Central Provincial Council and Mr. Karunaratne, for providing this opportunity, as well as to the KCC staff and to all those who encouraged us together with the exhibition

Photos courtesy: Ruwan Meegammana

Written by Samantha Niroshana Peiries



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