New FDC Issue: University of Moratuwa 50th Anniversary

The University of Moratuwa has a vast history dating back to 1893 when the Government Technical College (GTS) was established in Maradana.

The name then changed to Ceylon College of Technology in 1906. 60 years later, the Ceylon College of Technology, Katubedda was established in 1966 offering the Diploma in Technology. University status was given on 15th February 1972 and it was known as the Katubedda Campus of the University of Ceylon. In 1978 it was know as what we call today ‘University of Moratuwa’.

A publication to commemorate University of Moratuwa’s 50 years of Excellence in Higher Education was launched and can be downloaded via this link. The Golden Jubilee Commemorative Ceremony can be viewed below:

In order to celebrate the occasion, a stamp design competition was held and the stamp was due to be issued in February 2023. For unforeseen circumstances it was delayed and the stamp and First Day Cover to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Katubedda Campus was released on 13th December 2023.

Some of the samples submitted for the stamp design are shown below. The chosen one can be seen at the top of this article:

The Stamp can be purchased online via this link

The FDC can be purchased online via this link

The Folder (with FDC) can be purchased online via this link

Images source of Stamp and FDC: Indunil Seneviratne


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