New Special Cover: St. Aloysius College, Ratnapura Quasquicentennial celebrations 2023

Issued: 19th September 2023.

In order to celebrate 125th Anniversary of St. Aloysius College Ratnapura, a special cover was released by Philatelic Bureau at the school main hall on 19th September 2023.

The Special Cover can be purchased from the school or from the Bureau via this link

About the school

St. Alyousius College with a history of 125 years is located neighbouring St. Padrew and Paul’s Cathedral church on one side and British old railways on the other in the valley of river Kau, the city of gems, Ratnapura.

Motto: “Age Quod Agis’ (Mind what you do)

Crest: The crown represents ‘the royality of the prince’, the gems represent ‘Ratnapura: city of gems’, the lion is the heraldic ‘Sinhala lion, symbol of Sri Lanka’, torch represents ‘learning’


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