Veteran philatelist Ellawela, wins big in Australia

Well known for his catalogue “Ellawela’s Ceylon/Sri Lanka Stamp Catalogue – Pre-Independence period 1857-1948”, Ellawela went on further in his philatelic journey by reading for a MPhil. This resulted in him publishing part of the thesis into a book that could be useful for readers to gain knowledge, create a platform for discussion and remind the new and old collector the importance of this hobby.

It has been a big success among collectors when the book was released and received varying responses from new and old philatelists. It put most of the philatelists back to diving deeper, into the subject the author had penned and created an interesting topic of discussion.

With the success, we are proud to note that the book “Philately study during the British colonial period in Ceylon’ has now (November 2023) won a Large Vermeil (83 marks) at “Perth 2023” national exhibition in Australia. He received his medal and was happy to share his success with us:

I am pleased to have received this medal via direct application. I feel grateful to have successfully circumvented an unregistered society in Sri Lanka that was unlawfully attempting to prevent me from participating in the exhibitions. – Dulshan Ellawela (view table ‘Perth 2023 Full National 2 – 5 November 2023’ under Literature)

We wish him the very best as his now ventures into researching for his PhD, again related to Philately.

The book can be purchased online via this link (his catalogue can be purchased via this link)

Header image credit : Iresha Herath


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