World Postcard Day 2023: 1st October

Introduced in 1869 as a way of sending a simple message, postcards quickly evolved beyond their practical purpose to become the universal souvenir that brightens everyone’s mailboxes.

Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) introduced its first postcard in 1872 as shown below.

So to celebrate world postcard day, we invite our fellow philatelists to get a few postcards and send them to other philatelists so that they receive one by 1st October so that they could have personal memorabilia philately item to their collection. (Getting the postcard cancelled on 1st October would be nice too, but unfortunately it falls on a holiday (Sunday) this year.)

And spread word, share your postcards on stamp groups to encourage others to get back to doing a bit of writing and posting.

Are you a teacher with interest in teaching your students about philately in an easy to understand way? Then download the flexible lesson plan that has been created by Kristin M. Morris (VolvoMom) for

Students can write their first postcards and learn more about how mail works with interactive activities that can be adapted to the subject being taught and grade level.

The lesson plan can be downloaded via this link

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