Special Cover: 100 years of Zahira College Rugby

To commemorate 100 years of Zahira College Rugby, a Special cover was issued on 29th February 2024.

The FDC can be purchased online: https://stamps.slpost.gov.lk/product/6096

Zahira Rugby, a venerable institution with a century-long legacy, stands as a formidable force in the country’s arena of schools rugby. Established a hundred years ago, Zahira Rugby has not only witnessed the evolution of the sport but has actively contributed to its rich tapestry. From its inception, the teams have epitomized resilience, skill, and sportsmanship, becoming a powerhouse that commands respect on and off the field.

The journey of Zahira Rugby is one marked by triumphs, challenges, and a commitment to excellence. Over the decades, the team has produced exceptional players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. The combination of talent, strategic prowess, and an unwavering dedication to the game has made Zahira Rugby a force to be reckoned with, earning the admiration of fans and opponents alike.
The centenary milestone not only signifies the longevity of the sport but also encapsulates the values that have been the bedrock of its success. Sportsmanship, discipline, and a deep sense of camaraderie have been instilled in generations of players, creating a legacy that transcends victories on the scoreboard.

Zahira began playing rugby in 1924, First with Royal College and Trinity College, and then with St. Peter’s College when they began rugby in 1932. Zahira was the First team to overcome Trinity in Rugby, winning 6-3 in 1932 (after 8 years) under A.H.A. Samad. That same year, Zahira defeated Royal and St. Peter’s to become unbeaten champions for the first time in their history. Samad went on to play for the then Ceylon National Team, which at the time was dominated by European players.
Prior to the war, Zahira defeated Trinity four times: in 1936 (9-6), 1938 (11-6), and 1940 (6-3). Prior to the conflict, only St. Peter’s had defeated Trinity more than Zahira . The school had to quit playing rugby in 1943 after losing the premises during World War II.

Rugby resumed in 1958, following a 15-year hiatus, with matches against traditional rivals. The school re-established its dominance within a few years, in the early 1960s. Zahira Rugby has played a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and promoting the values of teamwork and leadership. The school has become a symbol of pride for its supporters, who have stood by their team through thick and thin, celebrating triumphs and weathering defeats with unwavering loyalty.

As Zahira Rugby enters its second century, the legacy built over the past hundred years serves as a foundation for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. The teams’ commitment to excellence, coupled with the rich history it carries, ensures that Zahira Rugby will continue to be a force that commands respect in the world of rugby for many more years to come.

Words taken from Special Cover


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